Stepan Chernov (aka Kammerton) producer, dj and the post-production sound director, can safely be considered a musical Jack-of-all-trades. Additionally, he collaborated with many sound projects. To crown it all, he was nominated to 'Tefi' as a movie sound engineer. Along with the above-mentioned achievements, he was a remarkable resident of Moscow's most influential clubs Shanti and Propaganda.

These days Stepan dedicates his time to the MixCult Radio Podcast, to which he, as well as other enthusiasts of high-quality sound, is a vital contributor. To add to this, he collaborates with one of the biggest Russian record-studio of Arkadiy Ukupnik, called "Olympic". When he has some spare time, he prefers to spend it in a circle of friends, hosting Chinese tea ceremonies.

His vinyl releases can be found in record bags of Rishie Hawtin, Layo & Bushwacka, Chris Carrier, Osunlade, Brother Vibe, Nick Curly, Jimpster, Steve Lawler, Ellen Alien, Robert Dietz, Damien Schwartz, Dj Sneak, and many others.