David Hausdorf

Born in 1978 in East-Berlin, David Hausdorf trained as a classical musician from the age of 5 years old, eventually leading him to playing in the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. 
It was during the mid 90’s where Hausdorf discovered his passion for Detroit- and Dub-Techno, previously been strongly influenced by the innovative sound at Berlin’s Techno Club Tresor he published his first Record in 1998 on Synaptic Waves, followed by releases on Müller Records, Salo, Lifetime Music and Styrax Leaves. His tracks appeared on compliations such as François K’s „Masterpiece“ or Thomas Schumacher’s „Si-Fi 4.4“. David recently released quite a few new tracks on labels like Minimood, DeepLabs Detroit, Grounded in Humanity, Ranges and DubIto. 
Back in the days David Hausdorf played Live- and DJ-Sets at Tresor, Ostgut and different clubs in Berlin and Germany. Today you can mainly find him playing at local Munich clubs when he's not playing at international venues.

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